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Why Escorts in London Make Great Tour Guides

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This may be your very first time in London. As such, it only makes sense that you want to tour all of the top attractions. You may want to take a ride on the London Eye, walk past Parliament during the change of the guards, and stroll through Picadilly Circus.

None of these activities are going to be very exciting if you don’t have someone to spend time with. London escorts will provide you with companionship. Plus, they will be happy to explore the sites with you.

Many of the London escorts have lived in the city for a significant amount of time. Some have even lived here their entire lives. This is a benefit to you because they know the city well. They know the best restaurants, the best times to visit the various attractions, as well as how to quickly get to them. You can benefit from their knowledge significantly.

Schedule an Escort

When you schedule an escort, you want to make sure that you choose one who has lived in London for at least a year. Not all of our escorts are London natives. In fact, some may be just as new to the city as you are. It allows us to have a diverse gallery.

By scheduling with a London escort who knows the area, you can tap into all of their knowledge. They will be able to show you all of their favourite places and make better recommendations. If a girl does not state specifically that she is from London in her description, you can rely on our operators to assist you.

Leave the Itinerary Open

If you are going to let an escort in London be your tour guide, be sure to leave the itinerary wide open. Let her choose where to go and what to show you. It will ensure that you get to see some really great things in London, even some things that travel books won’t tell you about.

If you make reservations or try to plan an itinerary, you limit her creativity on showing you around the city. Plus, she may have a few different ideas as to where to eat or how to spend the time.

If you book her time for several hours, it also gives you the opportunity to do more sightseeing as well as to invite her back to your hotel room later on in the evening. How many hours you book is entirely up to you. Our rates are often considerably more affordable as you book for longer periods of time. An overnight option of approximately seven hours is also available with many of our escorts, ensuring you don’t run out of time.

Escorts make great tour guides for a number of reasons. Once you’re in London (or even before you arrive), you can schedule a stunning escort from the gallery to be your guide. Enjoy what she has to offer and have fun at every attraction.